Phase 4 hairdressing salon is based in Colwyn Bay and we are renowned for all of our services however take a lot pride in our hair extension services. We like to use Beauty Works hair extensions; the main technique we use is something called micro bonding using rings. We find that micro bonding using rings or loops is the safest and kindest-to-hair technique when applying hair extensions. The technique is done by attaching the clients’ hair and hair extension with a small metallic ring or loop, the hair extension technician will then press the ring with a plier type tool to secure the hair extension in close to the scalp. We do offer a glue-in service also however there is no glue needed to perform this type of hair extension service, this allows for an easy removal of hair extensions and an easy re-application if you are ready to move them back up to the scalp.

Beauty Works Extensions

Get long and voluminous hair in just minutes! Experience beautiful extensions from Beauty Works. Extensions are an innovative way to add volume, color or length to your own hair with endless possibilities.

Fabulong Extensions

We also use Fabulong High quality, 100% human, each hair strand is selected to have the cuticles of each strand facing the same direction. This process makes all the difference when it comes to quality and maintainability, as it minimises friction between the individual strands of hair which, in turn, prevents tangling to ensure your new look is not only beautiful be easy to maintain.